Welcome to Crisisworks

You are accountable for all activities performed with your logon identifier. All your activities will be recorded and logged to an audit trail.

Terms and conditions of use

By logging in you accept the terms and conditions of the use of Crisisworks that:

  • your access of Crisisworks is solely for genuine emergency management, planning or response;
  • you will only access information or data for which you have a demonstrable or legitimate need;
  • you will only use, copy, print, release or disclose information in the performance of your duties; and
  • you will only permit information to be viewed by any persons who are authorised to access that information.
Accessing Crisisworks

You will:

  • never permit another person (whether he/she is authorised access to Crisisworks) to use your logon identifier; or
  • use another person’s logon identifier; and
  • always logoff when you have completed your enquiries.
Handling sensitive information

You understand and agree that:

  • you must comply with State and/or Commonwealth legislation that prohibit disclosure of any private or sensitive information to unauthorised persons;
  • misuse or disclosure of any private or sensitive information may be a breach of State and/or Commonwealth legislation and/or relevant organisational policy; and
  • your reason for accessing information and subsequent use of the information complies with State and/or Commonwealth legislation and your agency policies.

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